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Former FBI official: Fake Syrian passports a concern
Dec. 11, 2015 - 2:27 - Insight from Danny Coulson


  Active Shooter Traing Bar
-The Basic Theory of Security
-Notification process and procedures and Principles of Lock Down and Evacuation
-Physiology of an Active Shooter
-Maximize the response of Law Enforcement
-Resistance - what works and what does not.
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Danny Coulson on Fox News
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  Investigations Domestic Investigations  
- We conduct investigation for firms in the United States and abroad
- Information on Danny O. Coulson
- Information on Roger Jackson
- Established global connections, specializing in North America and Central America
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  Investigations Domestic Investigations  
- Dignitary Protection of key Personnel
- Facility Security Assessments
- Emergency Preparedness
- Residence Security Assessments
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  Investigations Domestic Investigations  
We have the ability to conduct the most sophisticated electronic counter measures sweeps in the United States. Coulson, Jackson and Associates can provide assessments of corporate needs for video security systems, access control and intrusion detection systems. Our company does not sell or service security equipment.
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  Investigations Domestic Investigations  
- Univerisities
- Public and Private High Schools
- This includes an assessment to improve response to "Active Shooter" situations
- Internet Safety Lectures for parents and students
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  Investigations Domestic Investigations  
We have excellent coverage throughout Mexico, Central and South America. We can conduct investigations, provide personal and corporate security personnel to include transporation with armed security personnel. Coulson, Jackson and Associates also conducts investigations for firms in the United States.
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  Investigations Domestic Investigations  
Coulson, Jackson and Associates provide executive protection training and evaluation of existing security programs to corporations and individuals throughout the world.  This includes professional athletes, government officials and individuals in the entertainment world.  Our company is currently under contract with governments in Central America.
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  Investigations Domestic Investigations  

Our technicians conduct forensic examinations of computer systems, individual computers to insure complete security of your data bases.  We also offer services to identify and protect against internet stalkers.  This includes security briefings for families to include the children who are at risk.
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  Public Events Photo

Public Events


The violence and disarray of today’s society has brought new focus on the need for comprehensive security at public events.  More and more, we as a nation are targeted for acts of violence.  Any plan for a public event must include security considerations. There are legal and ethical consequences for not providing security for participants and attendees.
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